The Best Stability Running Shoes For Men – Top 5

Here I will run down my top 5 recommended stability running shoes out there right now. If you are new to running or are not quite sure if you need a stability shoe then you first need to know which running shoes are best for you. 

Stability shoes are the go to shoes for 60% of runners. This is by far the most popular type of shoe. This shoe is for you if you are severe overpronator.

It is so important to ensure you do purchase the right stability shoe if you are a severe overpronator. This will help you so much to prevent injuries. The most common injuries experienced are shin splints (pain that shoots down your lower leg felt in the bone area), knee and ankle injuries as well as small fractures. It is worth investing a bit of time and money to find the right stability shoe, don’t you will agree?

So here we go. Below I will show what I think are the top 5 stability running shoes for men available now.

5. Best Stability Running Shoe – For All Distances

Adidas Ultra Boost ST

Adidas Ultra Boost ST

According to Adidas this is the greatest shoe ever. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that, but it is very good stability shoe.

The shoe is very stable and and the cushioning is excellent. It is what is expected now with Adidas’ Boost foam technology. The outsole is of a high quality and resilient and the upper offers almost an unrivalled fit with its Primeknit material that hugs around the foot.

For those that are moderate overpronators this offers very good arch support and can keep you going through the shorter distances as well as those long marathon miles.

This is not a cheap shoe but I do think for what it has to offer is good value for money.

The shoe weighs 298 grams.

Typical Price in UK: £110. Buy here at a great price with

Typical Price in USA: $200. Buy here at a great price with

4. Best Stability Running Shoe – The “Go To Shoe”

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17 Brooks Men’s Adrenaline Gts 17 Running Shoes

As the name suggests GTS – The Go To Shoe, it really is a very solid performer and has gone through various iterations over the years. I think this is the best of the lot.

For those that moderately and severely overpronate, the stability, support, flexibility and cushioning overall is great. It is designed to perform very well on any surface except trails and is very durable and I can safely say its one of the toughest shoes available and can be used every day. The shoe is very comfy for those with wider feet.

The sizing is a little off so buy half a size larger than normal.

Overall the Brooks Adrenaline GTS is a tried and tested workhorse and will please most runners and offers good value for money.

The shoe weighs 303 grams.

Typical Price: UK £90. Buy here at a great price with

Typical Price in USA: $120. Buy here at a great price with

3. Best Stability Running Shoe – Solid Performer for Roads

Mizuno Wave Inspire 13 Mizuno Men’s Wave Inspire 13 Running Shoes

Here is another dependable shoe with its 13th iteration.

The Mizuno is solidly constructed. It has a well made mid-sole and solid and flexible at the same time outsole. The toe box area is nice and roomy and despite this not being a light shoe, for a stability shoe with all its features, it is actually one of the lightest. The cushioning is more comfortable than the previous version and the upper is very breathable. There is a short breaking in period with the Mizuno, but once you reach this, you will not be dissapointed and you will rack up the miles. If you like to run at night, there are no reflective features built into the shoe, so ensure you wear reflective strips elsewhere on you.

Overall the Wave Inspire 13 is a very good addition to Mizuno’s line up of stability shoes and a good choice.

The shoe weighs 312 grams.

Typical Price: UK £80. Buy here at a great price with

Typical Price: USA $110. Buy here at a great price with

2. Best Stability Running Shoe – Great Value & Durable

New Balance 860 v7 New Balance M860v7 Running Shoes

New Balance are calling these a next level upgrade to one of their most popular stability shoes.

This shoe is firmer than v6 as the mid-sole has been hardened with new foam materials. The cushioning on the heel area has been reinforced making the foot stay put here and increasing the comfort.

The upper is well made with no sewing and it is breathable and soft to the touch. The 860 v7 is a little heavier than others on the list here and comes in limited colours which some of you may not like.

Overall I think that this is a solid performer for those looking for stability in their shoes. They are comfortable, supportive and well built to last.

The shoe weighs 326 grams.

Typical Price: UK £90. Buy here at a great price with

Typical Price: USA $130. Buy here at a great price with

1. Best Stability Running Shoe – Top Choice & For Longer Distances


I will get straight to the point. I think this is the best stability shoe available right now. Check out my stability top pick review here.

The upper is made with a technology Asics likes to call “fluid fit” which means it will give you an incredible customise-able and stretchy fit once you have laced up. It is made of mesh and synthetic materials which will lock your foot in and keep your feet cool and breathing inside.

The mid-sole is very thick and made with Asics “Flytefoam” material which will give plenty of bounce energy return to keep your feet energised. There is also gel cushioning systems in both the rear and the front of the foot for great protection from impacts. The inside has an anti odour feature which is a nice addition.

The out-sole is made with sturdy rubber and has a guidance line technology system to help keep your feet steady from heel to toe. It fits true to your size.

The Kayano 24 is not the cheapest shoe around but I still think it’s great value especially if you need the support and you run medium to long distances frequently. Some may find the colour options to be a bit bland and even boring, but that really depends on the individual and what you are looking for in your shoe.

Overall I think this is a very good option. If you run half or full marathons or even longer distances this is great shoe which offers the support you need coupled with great features and technologies that elevate this to another level.

The shoe weighs 320 grams.

Typical Price: UK £115. Buy here at a great price with

Typical Price: USA $170. Buy here at a great price with

There you go. My choice top 5 stability shoes available right now. I hope this helps you to find the right running shoe for you.

Please do let me know what you think of this article in the comments bubble on the top right or the comments box at the bottom. I look forward to all your feedback and comments about the information I’m putting out and what you think of the website.



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8 thoughts on “The Best Stability Running Shoes For Men – Top 5

  1. Great list of best stability running shoes for men. You explain then really well. I like the fact they are very light. My husband has shoe addiction, he loves running shoes. I might get one of those shoes for him for Christmas, which one do you recommend or which one do you personally have? And where can I buy them? Thank you!

    • Good to hear you are getting something out of the site Hong. That’s great to hear that your husband is an enthusiast for running shoes like myself. What a lovely wife thinking of her husband for Christmas to help expand his collection. At least his collection is finding a use. If he needs a stability shoe, the best one I can recommend is the number 1 on the list Asics Gel-Kayano 24. It is a great shoe for most. It is a little on the pricier side £105/ $140 . If your budget is a little more limited, the Mizuno Wave Inspire 13 is priced at £65/ $85 right now.
      I myself am a neutral runner and use the cushioned Adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged and sometimes the Brooks Ghost 9 which is a little older.
      Let me know which one you choose for your husband and what he thinks of the pair.
      All the best Hong.

      • Thank you for the answer. It was very helpful. I will be doing some more research on Asics Gel-Kayano 24. Yes, it is little pricier, but if the quality is good, then I am all for it. Thanks a lot!

  2. Thank you for a great article on running shoes. I have learnt a lot about running shoes.
    I am not much of a runner however I am getting more interested in running or should I say jogging to keep fit.
    I have a very high instep what would you recommend for me and where can I buy it?

    • Hi Moni. Thank you for browsing through the site. I hope this has given you a better idea of how to get to the right shoe.
      If you have a high instep or high arch the 2 shoes I would recommend are the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34. On the site click on: Top Running Shoes/People’s popular choice section and you can buy from Amazon. If you fall into the neutral/cushioned shoe category or the Asics Gel-Kayano 24 if you need more of a stability shoe on the site click on: Top Running Shoes/The Best Stability Road Running Shoe.
      Good luck in your jogging keep fit routine, I hope you keep at it as the benefits are amazing.
      Regards, Fermin.

  3. Thanks for a very informative break down of what is trending in the running shoe space Fermin. One really can make an informed decision from the info that you provide on each of the different options. Great post. Thank you.

    • Well thank you Cobus. Always good to be of service. Primarily the site is about helping people make informed choices.
      All the very best and I hope you see you here again soon.
      Regards, Fermin.

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