The Best Motion Control Running Shoes for Men – Top 5

We know now that everyone has a unique running style and that there are different types of running shoes to cater for this. It is important to spend the time to find out what that is for you. This will help prevent you getting injuries down the line, which in turn may stifle your running progress and diminish your enthusiasm for the sport. 

We are all of course built differently, with different body shapes and weights, so you first need to find out what type or runner you are which running shoes are best for you. If you are an overpronator and require a motion control running shoe, below I will show what I think are the top 5 motion control shoes for men on the market right now and what type of runner or condition they are suitable for.

5. Best Motion Control Shoe – Overall Support & For The Serious Overpronator

Brooks Beast 16Brooks Beast 16

This really is a beast of a motion control and support shoe. It can control even the heaviest overpronation. It has very good cushioning and the upper is seamless making for a very comfortable upper. It has a very supportive mid-sole. Its design is popular among the running community but you need purchase half a size bigger for the most comfortable fit.

The Beast 16 provides welcome support for sufferers of plantar fasciitis (pain on the underside of the foot from heal to toe). It has great traction, offers a lot of support and is very comfortable. Overall, runners with a lot of overpronation rave about the great stability in this shoe.

The shoe weighs 385 grams.

Typical Price: UK £125. Buy here at a great price with

Typical Price in USA: $175. Buy here at a great price with

4. Best Motion Control Shoe – Trail Runner

Brooks Adrenaline ASR 14Brooks Adrenaline ASR 14

This is a comfortable shoe to run in on those trails. If you have a wider foot this shoe fits great. This shoe offers a very stable ride. The colour schemes this shoe is available with should please most. This model ASR 14 despite being sturdier is lighter than the previous model ASR 13.

This shoe can handle most trail conditions, it has a strong outsole and the upper is totally water-resistant. This shoe can go anywhere.

The shoe weighs 309 grams.

Typical Price: UK £120. Buy here at a great price with

Typical Price in USA: $165. Buy here at a great price with

3. Best Motion Control Shoe – Arch Support

New Balance 1540 2ENew Balance 1540 v2

First off, this is not a cheap shoe. This shoe offers very good ventilation. It has a padded and breathable mesh tongue and has roll bar support. The New Balance 1540 v2 has very arch support so will help if the foot collapses later in the stride and does not compromise on shoe flexibility. The rubber outsole is very hard wearing and the toe box area is very roomy which will make runners with wide feet happy. This is a very good shoe but may be a bit on the pricey side for some budgets and it is a little heavier than expected.

The shoe weighs 416 grams.

Typical Price: UK £150. Buy here at a great price with

Typical Price in USA: $165. Buy here at a great price with

2. Best Motion Control Shoe – Best Value

Brooks Men’s Addiction 12 Training Running ShoesBrooks Addiction 12

This shoe offers good cushioning and the transition from heel to toe is very smooth so the landings will be smooth. This shoe also has very roomy toe box area so will please wide footed runners. There is also very good shock absorption and is a very good shoe more moderate to severe overpronators.

The Addiction 12 is priced very well and offers fantastic value for money.

The shoe weighs 383 grams.

Typical Price: UK £70. Buy here at a great price with

Typical Price in USA: $100. Buy here at a great price with

1. Best Motion Control Shoe – Top Choice

Asics Gel Foundation 12Asics Gel Foundation 12

This shoe has been designed to perform well in both short and long distances. This 12th version now comes with a sock liner which allows you to run comfortably without the need for socks, as there is a non-irritating as the construction of the upper is seamless. The heel and forefoot have Gel cushioning and offers lots of strong arch support.

The Gel Foundation 12 is a lightweight shoe with plenty of energy return and shock absorption technologies built in. The shoe is a little narrow, so runners with wider feet may want to avoid this shoe.

Overall this is a very well-constructed shoe from a very trusted brand. The prices have come down recently making this my top recommendation.

The shoe weighs 346 grams.

Typical Price: UK £90. Buy here at a great price with

Typical Price in USA: $120. Buy here at a great price with

So there you have it. I think this list is quite comprehensive and will hopefully help and advise all you motion control and overpronating runners out there find the right running shoe for you.

Please do let me know what you think of this article in the comments bubble on the top right or the comments box at the bottom. I look forward to all your feedback and comments about the information I’m putting out and what you think of the website.

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8 thoughts on “The Best Motion Control Running Shoes for Men – Top 5

  1. I have the New Balance trainers and I love them. I have had other brands over the years but these win hands down. I am not a fan of very light shoes so that extra weight is what i like about them. Well made, comfortable and will be buying again. Make sure to get good insoles too esp if your long distance running.

    • Hi Greg.
      Thank you for your comment. You have the privilege and honour of being my very first reader to post a comment!

      Yes the New Balance 1540 v2 is a very comfy shoe and your advice on good quality insoles is absolutely right, especially for half and full marathon distances.

      If you or any other readers would like me to create a post on the best insoles available for runners right now, let me know.

  2. Hi Fermin,

    Great post. I have to admit I am a Hoka One One fan. I used Asics for many years and quite by accident came across Hoka’s. Once I started using them for running I have not looked back. I have never used the Brooks and they sound like they could be worth a try for sure.

    Love your website,

    Cheers, Kev

    • Hi Kevin. Thank you for your feedback.
      From what I have heard and seen the Hoka One’s are a very good supportive shoe and very light with it too.
      I may do an article on this type of shoe/brand in the near future. I must say I do like their styling and their use of bright vivid colours.
      Thank you for your feedback in the site too, it’s inspiring me to do more.
      Kindest Regards,

    • Thanks a bunch Chad. I’ll be pumping more articles and information soon. I hope you enjoy what’s to come too and you take something from it.

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