The Best Cushioned Running Shoes for Men – Top 5

So, you have now found out what type of runner you are as you have visited which running shoes are best for you which is why you are here.

You are here because you are a neutral runner and have an efficient gait (running technique) and the arch in your foot is a “normal” shape. Or you may be an underpronator and during your gait (running technique), your foot doesn’t roll inwards enough and you most likely have a high rigid arch in your feet.

As I have mentioned, it is so important to choose the right running shoes for you to make the most of your running and more importantly prevent or minimise injuries.

30% of all runners overpronate and require a cushioned/neutral shoe. Below I will show what I think are the top 5 cushioned and neutral running shoes for men on the market right now.

5. Best Cushioned Running Shoe – Trail Runners

Adidas TracerockerAdidas Men’s Tracerocker

This shoe is famous for its comfort all over with its light weight EVA made mid-sole which provides very good cushioning. The shoe fits well for those looking for a narrower fit.

The shoe overall is lightweight and fits correctly to your size. The traction is more than adequate for most trail types. The materials used are of a good quality and are durable and long lasting.

Overall, the Tracerocker is great for those with narrower feet and are looking for a neutral/cushioned running shoe for trails.

The shoe weighs 290 grams.

Typical Price: UK £60. Buy here at a great price with

Typical Price in USA: $85. Buy here at a great price with

4. Best Cushioned Running Shoe – Energy Return

Adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged

Adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged Running Shoes

This is one of the best shoes for energy return out there. This uses the best technology on the market right now with Adidas’s Energy Boost system which is unrivalled for its responsiveness and durability. The shoe has responsive cushioning and is also flexible and lightweight.

The mid-sole of the Ultra Boost Uncaged is good making the transition from the back of the foot to the front natural and smooth. The shoe also wraps itself around your foot making a comfortable and snug fit.

The shoe is called uncaged because the original Adidas Ultra Boost had a plastic surround “cage” wrapping around the foot for mid foot support. This in turn means that without the cage, at higher speeds the foot is less supported.

All in all, this shoe is for the runner looking for a cushioned shoe with amazing energy return properties, that is light and very comfortable to wear and also put on and take off. This shoe is also great to wear as a fashion trainer or sneaker after the running is done. This is because of its Primeknit upper made from a single piece.

It is priced on the higher end but for those who have tried it, love it.

The shoe weighs 303 grams.

Typical Price: UK £140. Buy here at a great price with

Typical Price in USA: $210. Buy here at a great price with

3. Best Cushioned Running Shoe – Tough Roads

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34Nike Men’s Air Zoom Pegasus 34 Running Shoes

This shoe is very much tried and tested over the years with the original released in 1983. This is a reliable and durable shoe that has been a favourite of many runners over the years.

Although this shoe is not the most advanced in terms of features and technology, what it does possess is liked and admired by most.

This new version of the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus has improved breathability in the upper and the air pouch in the shoe makes it very responsive and also comfortable.

The traction is very good providing a stable ride and overall this is a great choice for road runners that need the cushioning.

The shoe weighs 285 grams.

Typical Price: UK £95. Buy here at a great price with

Typical Price in USA: $120. Buy here at a great price with

2. Best Cushioned Running Shoe – Highly Recommended

Under Armour Charged Bandit 3Under Armour Charged Bandit 3 Running Shoes

This shoe is very lightweight which has a great fit around the foot making it very comfortable. It is a good all-rounder for short and long-distance runs. The upper is very breathable and light and the heal has good cushioning. The toe area is a little narrow for some feet and the traction is a little lacking when running in wetter and more slippery surfaces.

The Charged Bandit 3 is a great all-rounder for short and long distances and performs well for beginners as well as more experienced runners. This was a surprisingly good shoe and great value for money.

The shoe weighs 259 grams.

Typical Price: UK £65. Buy here at a great price with

Typical Price in USA: $90. Buy here at a great price with

1. Best Cushioned Running Shoe – Best All Rounder

Brooks Ghost 10Brooks Ghost 10

This shoe is favourite for a lot of experienced runners requiring the cushioning from a neutral shoe. It is now in its 10th iteration and for many the best.

The Ghost 10 is comfortable for many feet shapes, it is great at any distance, it has amazing grip for a road running shoe and is overall good to great in every department. No wonder this is such a popular choice for many.

As with all shoes, it is not perfect for everyone as you feel you don’t get enough arch support for the feet. Most will love this shoe however.

The shoe weighs 295 grams.

Typical Price: UK £125. Buy here at a great price with

Typical Price in USA: $140. Buy here at a great price with

So, there you have it. The top 5 cushioned/neutral running shoes available right now. I hope this helps you to find the right running shoe for you.

Please do let me know what you think of this article in the comments bubble on the top right or the comments box at the bottom. I look forward to all your feedback and comments about the information I’m putting out and what you think of the website.

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8 thoughts on “The Best Cushioned Running Shoes for Men – Top 5

  1. Hello!

    Cool site!

    I find this one interesting Adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged ( I am not a man) but they look comfy and pretty light?

    Looking forward to new posts.

    • Hi Candice.
      Thank you for your kind comments on my site.
      Yes the Adidas are exactly that and a lot of people are wearing these as fashion trainers/sneakers as well as for running.
      A lot of these shoes are available for women too of course. I am not excluding women from my site at all, it’s just as I know about men’s shoes, I didn’t want to claim knowledge of women’s shoes falsely, you understand.

      Thank you again, and please share the post and come again.


  2. Hello! This is a great review! I was thinking about buying a pair of running shoes for my partner and this is really helpful thank you, I think he will be delighted with my pressie!

    • Thank you Amanda. That’s great stuff. I am really happy to have been of help.
      I would be really interested to hear which one you chose and how they get on with it.
      All the best,

    • Thank you very much Lauren & Doug, very generous of you to say.
      More useful information will be on its way very soon, watch this space.
      All the best,

  3. Great website! Brilliantly layed out and simplistic which always encourages me to read on. I’m a huge advocate of light and nicely cushioned running shoes and would certainly consider changing my allegiance from Nike to these now, after reading your post. Always appreciate impartial information like this on products and it certainly seems like you have had your fair share of different types of running shoes!

    Will definitely be watching this space!



    • Thanks Cesar. It’s always nice to know that I am being of help to choose the correct footwear for your runs. I know how daunting it is with so much choice out there.
      Let me know what you go for in the end and what you think.

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