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My name is Fermin Illana and I am a forty something Londoner who developed a passion for running a few years ago.

I have an 8 year old boy who is my pride and joy and who is the most joyful, happy and smart kid.

Before I got into running I always felt tired and lethargic. I would be eating unhealthily at work and doing the work commute back and forth every day (a lot of weekends too). I would never seem to have the time to stop and eat healthily and just as importantly to exercise regularly.

I had been subscribing to a gym on off for years but my enthusiasm to keep the consistency just wasn’t there.

I don’t think I liked being in a building exercising the whole time and I guess I was striving to get out into the outdoors.

One summer I decided to go for a jog outside. I started small, “running” for about 15 minutes initially. This gradually improved and every few days I would run longer and further every time. I then became “hooked” on running and have enjoyed pushing myself further every time in the great outdoors!

There is a large variety of different running shoes for men (and women) on the market for different distances, terrain and styles. This can be a bit of a minefield for people to choose the right shoes for them.

I wanted to create a website platform where men can come to read about the best running shoes for their interest on the market at the time. Hopefully the advise and information will be useful to help you achieve your personal running goals.

About Fermin Illana

Fermin Illana – myrunningshoesformen.com

2 thoughts on “About My Running Shoes For Men

  1. Hello Fermin,

    I really like your website. It is a special phenomenon to offer a place where men runners have a place to go to find out important details to improve their running performance. I appreciate the time and detail you have put into the subject of running. The fact that you run also is inspiring and makes your site that much more genuine and trustworthy. The videos are also amazing. Wonderful job.


    • Wow, what great comments Deneen. You are too kind.
      Thank you. I am hoping this is just the start of a lot more to come. Watch this space.
      A woman’s running site might be a possibility in the future…
      All the best Deneen.
      Regards, Fermin.

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