Runners Run Barefoot – What is Barefoot Running?

What is Barefoot Running?

Well it is exactly as it says on the tin: the act of running without any shoes or any foot protection whatsoever. Six million years ago, we descended/evolved from the tress to walk and run on the Earth’s ground. Over thousands of years, we gradually improved and eventually got really good at running barefoot, as we knew of nothing else.

As human beings, before the invention and advent of modern footwear, this was how we walked and run the Earth – barefoot. Continue reading

The Best Trail Running Shoes For Men – Top 5

Trail running has become very popular over the last few years. There are now many events throughout the UK/Europe, USA and the rest of the world. Running is predominantly an outdoor sport and many of us live in urban environments and large cities and towns. The road running shoe is still the most popular type on the market, however the trail shoes are making inroads and catching up. It is clear to see why more and more runners are taking to the trails, parklands, forests, woodlands, river and canal sides, hills, mountains and even more demanding terrain. Continue reading

The Best Stability Running Shoes For Men – Top 5

Here I will run down my top 5 recommended stability running shoes out there right now. If you are new to running or are not quite sure if you need a stability shoe then you first need to know which running shoes are best for you. 

Stability shoes are the go to shoes for 60% of runners. This is by far the most popular type of shoe. This shoe is for you if you are severe overpronator. Continue reading

The Best Cushioned Running Shoes for Men – Top 5

So, you have now found out what type of runner you are as you have visited which running shoes are best for you which is why you are here.

You are here because you are a neutral runner and have an efficient gait (running technique) and the arch in your foot is a “normal” shape. Or you may be an underpronator and during your gait (running technique), your foot doesn’t roll inwards enough and you most likely have a high rigid arch in your feet. Continue reading

The Best Motion Control Running Shoes for Men – Top 5

We know now that everyone has a unique running style and that there are different types of running shoes to cater for this. It is important to spend the time to find out what that is for you. This will help prevent you getting injuries down the line, which in turn may stifle your running progress and diminish your enthusiasm for the sport.  Continue reading

What is Your Running Style?

As runners, we all started somewhere and we were all beginners at sometime. There are all sorts of different runners that run for different reasons and like to run different distances. Everyone is unique and we all come in different shapes and sizes. Runners feet differ too and of course their running styles, so no matter what level of runner you are it is so important to know how to choose the right running shoes.

This process will not only make you more comfortable and help you on your way to improving your runs, but crucially it will also help you to stay injury free. Continue reading